King Street Boats


At King Street Boats we offer a wide range of services and quality care by certified and knowledgeable personnel.  Our featured services are listed below, please contact the shop to see if we can solve your boating needs.   

                      Cosmetic Care
  • Certified in AwlGrip Finishing Systems  Application
  • Gell-Coating
  • Fiberglass Patching and Repair
  • Painting, Buffing, and Detailing
               Electrical Installation
  • GPS and Radar Navigation Systems
  • Audio Speakers and Stereo Systems
  • Fish Finders
  • Interior Lighting
  • Powered Anchor System 
  • Freshwater and Water Heating Systems
*For ordering and installation information and scheduling please contact the shop

  • Inboard and Outboard Engine Repair - We utilize an engine diagnostic software to pinpoint your engine's problem
  • Hull Patching
  • Interior and Exterior repairs 
                Other Services
  • Boat Hauling and Storage
  • Boat Winterizing:                                      - A.C. Units                                                - Inboard and Outboard Engines          - Change Oil and Stabilize Gas              - Clean Hull                                              - Shrink Wrap
  • Boat Stand Rental
  • Boat Sales